Affiliate marketing is a very popular way for people to get started with internet marketing.  Many people continue with affiliate marketing due to its many advantages.

What is affiliate marketing?  It is a performance-based marketing method in which businesses (vendors) reward affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts.  The big advantage to the business/vendor is that they do not pay for any affiliate efforts unless a sale/action occurs, then they pay either a fixed flat rate or a percentage of the sale price.

So, what makes affiliate marketing so popular for the affiliate?

  • can get started for zero cost
  • no special technical skills needed
  • do not need a website (but can be helpful)
  • do not need your own product
  • do not need an email list
  • no customer support concerns (handled by vendor)

It is easy to see why affiliate marketing can be so attractive for beginners, but also why someone would want to continue with affiliate marketing.

Some of the popular affiliate platforms are Amazon and Commission Junction, but there are many niche specific affiliate platforms also.  Some platforms pay lower percentages (i.e. 5-10%), while other niche specfic platforms pay much more (i.e. internet marketing niche affiliate platforms routinely pay 50-100% on sales).

So, you want to do your research and select a niche that is worth your time to promote in regards to how you will be compensated.

Affiliate marketing really comes down to finding suitable products/services to promote, then getting people to view that product/service and take an action (i.e. buy, fill out form, etc.).

Need help on where to start?  You can start a FREE account on this training site and get your toes wet, and when ready then go for the reasonably priced monthly membership.

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