Email marketing is a great way to have success with an online business.   However, most people struggle with getting subscribers to open their emails, or if they do open the email, then getting the person to take the desired action (i.e. click through to a blog post, YouTube video, affiliate offer, CPA offer, etc.).

Plus, you need to stay out of the SPAM folder!  Email service provider’s spam filters have gotten stricter and more refined (due to people constantly trying to “trick” the spam filter).

Part 1

I have created a video series to help you improve your email marketing results.  In Part 1 you will learn tips on how to create compelling subject lines so subscribers OPEN your email.  After all, it will be hard to get them to READ your email if they don’t OPEN it (LOL).  You can see the first video here:

I also have a free resource that will be very helpful: