Notification PRO – Get REAL Emails!

//Notification PRO – Get REAL Emails!

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Email List Building: Are you getting REAL emails?

Email list building can be a great way to grow your online business.  An email list is typically considered an internet marketer’s best asset, thus the saying “the money in is the list”.

But how can you be sure you are getting people’s REAL and BEST email addresses?  Lots of people use a secondary email account to sign up for offers as they know they will be bombarded by future emails promoting everything under the sun.  This secondary email is rarely checked, if checked at all.  It is meant to be a junk email account and is often forgotten about.

When most new internet marketers start building an email list they will direct traffic to a squeeze page (also called a “capture page” or “landing page”) in which they are giving away something for free in exchange for the person’s email address.

Using squeeze pages has become so common that people will setup this secondary junk email account just to get free offers and then never check the email again once they have gotten the freebies they signed up for.

Of course, this defeats the whole purpose of collecting email addresses.  What good is it to get someone’s email address if they will never see the future emails you are sending them?

Another source of fake email addresses is in the solo ad marketplace.  What is a solo ad?  For example:  Marketer #1 will buy a solo ad from Marketer #2, and Marketer #2 will send a message to his email list which promotes the squeeze page of Marketer #1, thereby getting new email addresses for Marketer #1.

There are several problems with using solo ads:

  1. most freebie seekers use a secondary junk email to get the freebie on Marketer #1’s squeeze page
  2. many unethical solo ad sellers use bots to generate fake emails so that Marketer #1 thinks he is getting real email addresses
  3. you are sharing emails from Marketer #2 so people end up on multiple marketers’ email lists and become diluted

So how do you ensure you get REAL email addresses?

Even better, how do you ensure you get someone’s BEST email address?  (REMEMBER:  a secondary junk email is a real email, so the real issue is how to get someone’s BEST email)

The answer is to get traffic from the world’s largest online social media site:   Facebook.

With over 1 billion active users around the world you have a huge target audience and opportunity.

Most people use their main (thus REAL and BEST) email address to setup their Facebook profile, as they want to get Facebook updates.  This is the email address you want to get!

So how to you get someone’s Facebook email address (legally and ethically)?

The answer is to use a software that will allow people to access the free offer on your squeeze page by signing up with Facebook.  See the example squeeze page below:


This example is not the most attractive squeeze page, but the point is to highlight the blue “Download Via Facebook” button.  When people click that button they are authorizing Facebook to give their name and Facebook email address to you and it gets automatically added to your email autoresponder.

Now you have their REAL and BEST email address:  their Facebook email address!

The software that does this is called Notification PRO and it can make a huge difference between building a list of fake emails that make ZERO money, or a real email list that will deliver emails that people will see.

Notification PRO also lets you send Facebook notifications to people who sign up through your link which is another great way to reach out to people and get your message seen (Notification PRO has an autoresponder feature to send instant or pre-scheduled Facebook notifications).

To learn more about Notification PRO click HERE to see how it works.


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