I love learning about innovative strategies to make money online.  Well, Lee Murray’s new “Breakfast Embed” is a refreshing approach  that I think you should take a look at.

Why should you consider Lee Murray’s “Breakfast Embed”?  Good question.

This deserves a look because it will help you do several things – all of which need to happen if you want a sustainable online business, but Lee teaches it with a new twist to make it simple for anyone to do.

What things do you need for a sustainable online business?

  • build an email list
  • create unique engaging content (this is where a lot of people get stuck)
  • have an automated system

Lee’s training shows you how to do all 3 things – and do them in a very simple fashion that anyone can do.  His method requires you to do a little bit of work every day – maybe 15-30 minutes of work, but you will be creating an automated system that will then work on autopilot.

He shows you how to curate high quality content for your blog, and then use that content to create a follow-up email series, and how to build your email list.

You will end up with over 250 unique content posts on your blog, plus a corresponding 250+ automated email autoresponder series.  You will have the emails and blog posts monetized, thereby creating autopilot sales.

Of course, you can also use the email list (which you will add 1,500 new subscribers to every month) to promote correlating affiliate offers.

So there you have it: a simple to implement yet fully automated online business.

“Breakfast Embed” is available on 12/5/2016 after 9 AM EST.  Click HERE!