Today I am reviewing a new training product by Adam Payne called “Tube Remarketing Mastery”.  As the name implies, this is training around remarketing on YouTube.  Most people have heard of retargeting on Facebook, but you can do the same thing on YouTube (they call it remarketing, but it is the same thing).

So what is remarketing?  Let’s use an example that should make it clear.  How you ever been looking for something (let’s say a new laptop) on Amazon, then go over to Facebook to check your timeline and all of a sudden you start seeing ads on Facebook for the laptop you were just looking at on Amazon?  That is retargeting (or remarketing).

Most people don’t make an impulse buying decision when they go online.  Just like me (and probably you also), people like to do a little research and make sure they know exactly what they want to buy and where the best price is.

Statistics show that most people don’t buy from social media sites like Facebook.  They use Facebook for catching up with friends and family, not for making buying decisions.  On the other hand, many people will search on Google for reviews of something they want to buy, and you will almost always see YouTube videos show up in those Google results.

People usually need to know, like and trust you before they are willing to make a purchase from you.  This is the beauty and magic of remarketing on YouTube: you get to have repeated exposure to the same people and they will recognize you and become familiar with you, which will make them more receptive to your information and offer, thus leading to sales.  You will build audiences on YouTube that can be very focused and targeted.

Remarketing also allows you to really zero in on a target audience which will be much more receptive to your offer, rather than just putting out a video and hoping for the best.

All the while, you are also building your video view count, subscribers and channel authority.

I have been following Adam Payne for awhile now and he not only knows YouTube extremely well, but he is also a great trainer.  This course is done in a video format and he explains things very well.  He is to the point without a bunch of fluff, but he also gives you all the info you need.

The first few videos cover the basics of YouTube and Google Adwords, so you can bypass those if that is too basic for you.  But there are plenty of videos that cover in-depth the intricacies of YouTube remarketing and how to use its power to your advantage.

If you have not been doing much on YouTube, then you need to start!  This training is something you need to learn now.

If you have been on YouTube, then you need to make sure you understand the power of remarketing because you may be missing out on a lot of exposure, emails, and sales.

“Tube Remarketing Mastery” goes on sale July 24, 2016, after 10 AM EST.

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