Today I am reviewing a new WordPress plugin called WP Traffic Up by Mark Hess and Mike Thomas.   Basically, this is a very clever and unique exit popup plugin that solves a major problem due to changes in the Google Chrome, Apple Safari and Mozilla Firefox web browsers.  All of these web browsers (used by over 92% of all internet users) now block exit popups and only allow a generic message asking if you “want to save your work”.

What are exit popups?  These are popups that appear when someone moves their mouse cursor of the page showing the user’s intent to leave that website.  Statistics clearly show that exit intent popups are very effective (even though stats show most people don’t like them – go figure!).

These exit intent popups  allow you to try “one more time” to capture traffic that is about ready to leave your web page.  Popups can capture emails, present affiliate offers, or almost anything else you want to present to your traffic.

What makes WP Traffic Up really clever is that instead of showing the traditional boxed popup over a website, it shows a full page offer so people can make a decision with a full page of information.

Don’t lose traffic when they try to leave your squeeze page or any of your web pages…use WP Traffic Up to capture that exit traffic.

WP Traffic Up goes live on September 16, 2016, at 12 noon EST.

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