Paid traffic can be purchased from various sources.  The big advantage of paid traffic is that you can see results very quickly, then adjust your offer as needed and scale up quickly.  The big disadvantage to paid traffic is that it can take some tweaking and experimenting to get your offer to convert well, and you may not ever get it to convert well.   All-in-all, paid traffic is worth trying at a small level, then increase if you have success!

Bing Ads:  Instant Traffic For Pennies – Google is the biggest search engine, but Bing gets LOTS of traffic and the cost is much lower.

Facebook Ad Secrets – Facebook has a ton of users and you can really target your audience for very specific traffic.  Traffic can be reasonably priced, but the laser targeting is a big advantage Facebook has.

YouTube Discovery Ads Training – YouTube is a fantastic source for traffic and YouTube ads allow you to get extremely targeted traffic very quickly at a very low cost.   This training (by YouTube expert Adam Payne) will show you exactly how to use YouTube discovery ads.