youtubeYouTube is a huge source of potential traffic for you!  Google owns YouTube and has a vested interest in the success of YouTube (which is obviously very successful!).

You can generate decent traffic by putting up videos on YouTube, but as with all free traffic methods, the traffic builds very slowly over time (unless you get lucky with a viral video!).

People go to YouTube for 2 main reasons:  1) to be entertained (i.e. watch cat videos), or 2) learn “how to do __________”.

The “how to” aspect of YouTube is ripe for affiliate marketing.  Many of the searches on YouTube are for “how to” do something (i.e. how to change a tire, how to build a shed, how to lose weight, how to stop snoring, etc.)

People are much more willing to buy something based off of a review on YouTube, especially if it helps them solve a problem, than they are on Facebook or most other social media platforms.  Remember, that Google owns YouTube so you can get your video to show up in the organic Google search results too.

YouTube ads are really great, because they provide you with super targeted exposure which will increase your conversion rates, but these views can be done many times for less than 5 cents per view.  You can use these ad views to build an email list, send people to an affiliate offer, increase your YouTube channel subscribers and much more.

Some people use YouTube ads to get views to their video which then is seen favorably and helps your video get higher ranking in the organic search engine results.

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